Our shop in Barilla Bay has more than just our famous oysters! Get your hands on Barilla Bay merchandise, Tasmanian produce and gifts and why not try our oyster beer!




Our shop in Barilla Bay has more than just our famous oysters! Get your hands on Barilla Bay merchandise, Tasmanian produce and gifts and why not try our oyster beer!

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open 7 days a week, 9:30am to 5:00pm

public holidays: 9:30am to 4:00pm

Along with our fine seafood restaurant, Barilla Bay offers a range of merchandise for you to take home. The Shop sells freshly opened or unopened oysters available daily and has an extensive range of quality Tasmanian produce for sale, including:

  • Natural oysters and cooked prawn platters
  • Fresh Scallop Pies, Made In-house
  • Our very own Worcestershire Sauce (perfect for oysters kilpatrick)
  • Gillespie's Ginger Beer
  • Candy Abalone products
  • Tasmanian Gourmet sauces, chutneys and jams
  • Lesley Black's relish and mustard
  • Local cheeses
  • Pickles
  • Honey including flavoured, Leatherwood and Manuka
  • Variety of confectionary
  • Fresh seafood
  • An extensive range of fine Tasmanian wines and beers
  • South Sea Shell Pearls
  • Bobbie the Lavender Bear and other Bridestowe Lavender products

Visitors flying out of Hobart Airport can take home a fresh taste of Tasmania in the form of fresh-out-of-the-water, just-shucked Barilla Bay Oysters. Given a little notice, the Shop staff will pack your shellfish order in a special insulated container with an ice-pack (which keeps it fresh for 24 hours), to be picked up on your way to catch your flight home.

Call us on (03) 6248 5458 for more information.





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Our Worcestershire Sauce

Barilla Bay Worcestershire sauce is made from our own unique recipe of the finest spices and fruit.

It contains all natural ingredients and is cooked slowly over a period 4-5 hours.

A dash of Worcestershire sauce gives a lift to almost any savoury recipe; especially casseroles, soups, grilled meats and cheese dishes.

It is also an essential addition to Oysters Kilpatrick, seafood cocktail sauce and of course the traditional “Bloody Mary”.

South-Sea Shell Pearls

The South-Sea Shell Pearl has recently become very popular due to it's perfect lustre, shape and weight. These pearls are made from oyster shell, the very same material that make up a South-Sea pearl. Oyster shells are crushed and then reformed into pearls. South-Sea shell pearls never lose their lustre or colour. All jewellery is set in sterling silver. Theses pearls make for a perfect gift or why not treat yourself and buy one today.

We have a variety of jewellery to select from including necklaces, bracelets and both stud and drop earrings.

Tasmanian Honey

Barilla Bay stocks Blue Hills and the Tasmanian Honey Company varieties. These include Manuka which is widely used for medicinal purposes and Tassie's well known Leatherwood.

The Oyster Wheel

Having trouble cooking or presenting your oysters?

Barilla Bay stocks the oyster wheel which makes cooking your favourite oysters and presenting a whole lot easier.

Simply place your oysters in the wheel, top your oysters with your favourite ingredient and then place under a hot grill for around 4-8 minutes.  Once cooked, pop your tray straight on the table!

Bridestowe Lavender products & 

Bobbie the Lavender Bear 

Famous Bobbie the Bear is now available in store.  Large Bobbie the Lavender Bear includes a heat pack and gift bag.

Small Bobbie the Lavender Bear and key ring Bobbie are also available.

We stock a range of other Bridestowe Lavender products including:

- Lavender soap varieties

- Satin lavender bags

- Lavender oil

- Lavender tea varieties

- Gift Packs

We have a large selection of quality merchandise featuring the Barilla Bay brand. Choose from caps, wines, stubby holders and more.


The World’s Finest Dried Abalone & Seafood

Candy Abalone proudly produces organic dried products from wild-caught abalone and luxury seafood. 

Our abalone drying process follows the traditional Japanese method, using natural airflow to achieve a tender, candied delicacy – known as the candy heart.

The Candy Abalone retail area is conveniently located inside the Barilla Bay shop . It is a must stop if you are looking to buy seafood, and abalone in Tasmania.

The Candy Abalone experience is more than just visiting an abalone shop, our drying facility is in the same location and the shop stocks our full product range straight from the facility. Our luxury seafood includes locally wild-caught dried, canned and ‘ready to eat’ abalone, Fish Maw and Sea Urchin Roe. Whether you are looking for something unique to cook at home, or to treat someone special with something exclusively Tasmanian from our selection of exquisite dried abalone gifts, our shop is the perfect place to learn about, browse and buy our products.

Upstairs from the Candy Abalone shop, there is an opportunity to try some abalone from the menu of the Barilla Bay Seafood Restaurant.  Download the menu here.

You can also join us on the Barilla Bay Oyster Farm, Candy Abalone & Gillespie's Ginger Beer Tour which provides an opportunity to learn more about abalone diving, the drying process and how to prepare and cook dried abalone, as well as experience the local oysters and ginger beer.  Click here to book your tour online.

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